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We Don't Talk About Soap, No

Have you ever had a friend or family member who always brings up the same things in conversation? Like Uncle Leo (Seinfeld) always talking about his son and all his accomplishments, which inevitably makes Jerry's eyes roll and he becomes disinterested in the conversation. It doesn't matter what the conversation is, they always find a way to bring that one thing into everything you are talk about. The outcome; your head goes back, eyes roll, and "here we go" you mentally clock out. We've all experienced it. Maybe it's our friend in the new relationship. You are excited for them, and of course you want to know the details about what is going on in their lives so you can be supportive of them. However, as the days drag on, and over and over and over again, all they do is name drop them in everything about how wonderful they are, or crafty, or smart or whatever... you are so done with hearing it!

We get it! We love what we do. We love talking about soap, the art of handcrafting soap, the soap process, all of the effects and benefits to using handmade soap vs. commercialized body washes (yuck). If it's related to taking care of your skin, we want to talk about it. Having respect and care for our friends and family, we are channeling it all here so that they don't have to hear it, if they don't want to. This is where we will elaborate on our process and expand on things that are coming down the pipeline. Subscribe to our site and follow our blog to stay up to date. Leave us comments, give us your input or reach out to us because WE LOVE TALKING ABOUT SOAP!

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