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About Us


Essence of Old Woods was established in 2003 by Cathleen Howard as a hobby that turned into a small side hustle. Due to raising a family and then taking care of aging parents, time for such ventures fizzled away. In 2020, with a heightened awareness of hygiene sweeping across the globe, her son, Morgan, along with his wife, Lexie, broke out the pots, molds and oils, turned on the burners and began to revive Essence of Old Woods.

Amongst the process of it all, we learned that being clean contributes to our physical and mental health as well as our overall wellbeing, not to mention the wellbeing of others that are around us! It is a sign of care and professionalism, but the common practice of washing your hands and body needn't be a mindless rote. We want  you to be excited about washing your hands, look forward to your way too early morning shower, or long for your bathtub at all times. We want to make things that make your ordinary routine habits a little more special and engaging.


Here at Essence of Old Woods, we strive to make you products that not only smell nice, but to also have natural ingredients that bring restorative benefits to your skin. Using the background knowledge of a barber and an esthetician, each product is carefully researched and tested so that Essence of Old Woods can present quality with confidence. Not only will you feel good knowing you are clean but you can be assured and confident that you are using products that are good for you and the environment. 

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