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Our seasonal selection box of 3 soaps and a shampoo bar! Have enough great hand soap/body wash for the season, that are scented accordingly. Take care of your hair with a shampoo bar and take care of the enviroment by eliminating the use of plastic bottles. Available for one time purchase or you can take your personal care to the next level and save by subscribing to this soap box and get soap delivered to your front door 4x a year.

  • Gardenia + Eucalyptus (with raw shea butter + tea tree)
  • Double Bubble (orange + star anise + rose clay)
  • Citrus Grove (lemon, lime, grapefruite, bergamot + sweet basil + tumeric)
  • Lemon + Spruce Shampoo Bar 

Seasonal Soap Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Subscribe and Save!
$26.00every 3 months until canceled
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