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By far our most popular procuct! Our all natural shampoo bar is made with hair good ingredients, like castor oil and coconut oil. It cleans hair and adds back moisture without making it feel extra greasy.  It will leave you hair soft, shiny, and fresh smelling.  We reccomened following this shampoo with your favorite conditioner.


Take a look at the benefits of using these oils in your hair care routine:


Castor Oil: promotes healthy hair and scalp. Applying this type of fat to your hair increases hair flexibility and will decrease the chance of breakage. It can also help with those who have dandruff or a dry scalp and can reduce flaking. 


Coconut oil: protects your hair, helps prevent loss of hair protein to keep hair looking healthy. It's also easily absorbed into the hair, so you get the most benefit. It also can help with dandruff and provide a measure of UV protection.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar

  • You can use the bar directly on your hair or you can apply using a soap saver bag. Rinse throughly and finish with your favorite conditioner. We recommend using the bar two to three times a week depending on your hair type. 

  • Coconut oil, pomace olive oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, essential oil blend. 

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