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Overnight Oats + Calendula


Just like our regular Overnight Oats Bar, but with Calendula! Calendula plays a similar role to Camomile to help reduce inflamation to sooth dry, irritated skin. Lightly scented with Calendula essential oil and fortified with calendula extract, raw shea butter, and flax seed oil to promote hydrated and plump skin. 


This bar is great for sensitive skin!


Scent profile: Calendula

Color: Natural (no colorants or clays added)

Extra benefits: Contains ground oats as an exfoliant

Overnight Oats + Calendula

  • Saponified oils (olive oil, organic coconut oil, palm oil, raw shea butter, flax seed oil) ground oats, calendula extract, vitmain E oil, calendula essential oil. 

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