This is the 🌹 Calendula + Rose 🌹 bar.

It features:

🌹 Calendula essential oil
🌹 Rose tea
🌹 Rose hip seed oil (rich in vitamins A and C, super hydrating)
🌹 Rose clay (for absorbing excess oil)
🌹 Rose extract (for more hydration)
🌹 Calendula extract (even more hydration)
🌹 Organic Shea Butter (we’re gonna say moisturizing this time ;)

The scent is light and floral from the calendula Essential oil and the rose tea. With the addition of rose clay, the bar purifies the skin but helps maintains moisture with shea butter and rose hip seed oil. 

Calendula + Rose

  • Olive oil, organic coconut oil, palm oil, rose petal tea, sodium hydroxide, organic shea butter, rose clay, rose hip seed oil, calendula extract, rose extract, vitamin E, calendula essential oil.